Coney Island Picnic

Coney Island Picnic is a creative collective
of worldwide artists and designers pathing the way for distinctive and
disruptive style pioneers. With a graphics-led approach, the brand encompasses
East and West youth culture, employing psychedelic art, vintage sportswear,
skate, and surf trends at the core of their design. Coney Island Picnic want graphic
clothing to be more than just a look, they see their unique prints and
collections as an expression of thoughts, feelings and desires and want to
portray their art as a form of commentary of the current landscape of issues
and sentiments that really matter. Statement pieces are taken to the next level
here, with entrancing concepts, intricacy and detail that truly set this brand
aside. Their 2D designs reflect 3D beliefs in efforts to encourage wearers to
experience a higher version of consciousness. They embrace the spirit of
subcultures as a whole and ensure sustainability and accessibility for all.
Their collections are produced in limited quantities aiming to be more
conscious and exclusive, all curated in Los Angeles and designed around the world.

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