Sunset Lover

Sunset Lover is a new luxury label from Australia with sustainability at its core.

Created for a conscious and responsible customer, the label leans into style not trends, focusing on exquisite,
timeless pieces that form the basis of a modern wardrobe.

By committing to ethical sourcing and production practices, investing in sustainable and biodegradable fabric
technologies and aligning with the most relevant climate strategies, Sunset Lover is positioning itself to be part of the solution not the problem.

Central to the brand’s ethos is the team of passionate people who are dedicated to driving positive social impact through the lens of design – a team who believe that sustainable luxury can still be joyful, a print can be timeless and a colour vibrant. A team who most importantly believe that with every sunset comes the opportunity to R.I.S.E – an opportunity  to drive responsible impact for society and the environment


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