Summery Copenhagen

For Danish label – Summery Copenhagen – the idea of an
Endless Summer speaks to the very DNA of the brand – clothes infused with the sense of balmy, uncomplicated days, soaked in sunshine and optimistic joy.

Leaning heavily into an artisanal approach, using handloom
materials and a consciously respectful approach to design & manufacture, the brand’s mission is to create responsible clothing that celebrates the individual, sparks joy, and welcomes new adventures.

Founded in 2013 by 18-year-old Cecilie Jorgensen and firmly rooted in the contemporary segment – Summery Copenhagen has evolved in the last year with a new name and a more diverse offer that draws inspiration from all facets of life, from the intricate textures and vivid colours found in nature, to the intricate patterns and rhythms of daily life. It’s a collection to live in – designed for the nuances of a modern
lifestyle – easy to wear and easy to love…  

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