Danish based brand – Sittingsuits – was born out of restaurateur Rebecca Johansen’s need to find
a sustainable & stylish was to keep her guests warm & comfortable whatever the weather. With no obvious solution to the problem, Rebecca decided to develop her own product and with the help of designer Vibe Johansson created Sittingsuits – part sleeping bag, part coat – a uniquely innovative concept launching in Rebecca’s own venues in 2019 & catering to the needs of multiple industries, allowing businesses to unlock the full potential of their outdoor spaces and activities.

With its foundations in collaboration and sustainability, Sittingsuits has developed its collection apace finding natural partners in artists keen to explore new canvases for their work and businesses excited to find new branding avenues. Using recycled materials, the brand is committed to carefully testing & refining its design to ensure maximum warmth, comfort and durability  as it strives to enhance every alfresco

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